Changelog for Rule: HTML page title is descriptive

DateDescriptionSee Changes
Sep 16, 2021Add "funding" to acknowledgments (#1694)
Apr 22, 2021Move notes to background (#1556) Co-authored-by: Jean-Yves Moyen <>
Oct 23, 2020Link to related rules in background (#1483) Closes #1402
Mar 11, 2020fix: spelling of `acknowledgment` in rules frontmatter & update… (#1223)
Feb 20, 2020Improve example descriptions in page title rules (2779a5 / c4a8a4) (#1099) * Update page title 2779a5 example descriptions - #834 * Update page title c4a8a4 example descriptions - #834 * Update _rules/ Removing unneeded change to this example code * Clean up Co-authored-by: Jey Nandakumar <> Co-authored-by: Jean-Yves Moyen <>
Feb 06, 2020Adding WCAG techniques as accessibility mappings (batch 2) (#1119) * Add some techniques mappings
Feb 04, 2020Language input aspect (#996) * Add language as input aspect
Feb 03, 2020Unify boldness of notes (#1142)
Dec 03, 2019remove identical failed example (#1038)
Nov 19, 2019page-title-descriptive: remove inaccessible title example (#989) Assistive technologies tend to ignore punctuations, which is why a title like ";)" does not work well. We shouldn't have that as a passing example. Nothing in the rule applicability / expectation mentions anything about punctuations, so there's no reason for the example.
Oct 29, 2019feat: allow `acknowledgements` & `previous_authors` in rule frontmatter. (#997)
Sep 25, 2019Updating rule name(s) and filename(s) (#943)

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