Changelog for Rule: `audio` element content has text alternative

DateDescriptionSee Changes
Sep 16, 2021Add "funding" to acknowledgments (#1694)
Dec 03, 2020This rule applies to... (#1506)
Aug 24, 2020Order authors alphabetically (#1424) * Order authors alphabetically * Add note in design document
May 07, 2020Semantic role break circularity (#1290) * Break circularity in the definitions
May 06, 2020audio-text-alt: inapplicable example linking to audio (#1265) Add a new inapplicable example where instead of an audio element, the page has a link to an mp3 file. Co-authored-by: Jey Nandakumar <>
Mar 11, 2020fix: spelling of `acknowledgment` in rules frontmatter & update… (#1223)
Mar 09, 2020Remove outdated data-rule-target (ee13b5 / c3232f / e7aa44) (#1207) * Remove outdated data-rule-target
Feb 04, 2020Language input aspect (#996) * Add language as input aspect
Jan 22, 2020editorial: update rule titles in expectation (#1103) * editorial: update rule titles in expectation * Update
Dec 04, 2019Adding WCAG techniques as accessibility requirement (batch 1) (#1014) * Map to fourth rule of ARIA and WCAG techniques
Oct 29, 2019feat: allow `acknowledgements` & `previous_authors` in rule frontmatter. (#997)
Sep 25, 2019Updating rule name(s) and filename(s) (#943)

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