Definition of Done

What is this?

It is important that we in the WCAG-ACT-RULES-CG have a shared understanding of what it means for work to be complete. The Definition of "Done" can be used to assess when work is complete. (The Scrum Guide.

It can be used by rule authors as well as reviewers as a checklist to assess whether a rule is done or if it needs another iteration.

Sticking to the Definition of "Done" ensures a high quality in rules published by the WCAG-ACT-RULES-CG, and ensures transparency in our work.

The Definition of "Done" is a living document, and might change as the rule writing community develops and matures.

The Definition of "Done"

  • The relation between the rule and its accessibility requirements is as described in the ACT Rules Format under Accessibility Requirements.

  • Applicability (for atomic / composed rules) and Expectations (for atomic / composed rules) live up to the requirements for these sections in the ACT Rules Format
  • Requirements for use of atomic and composed rules are followed, see Rule Types in the ACT Rules Format
  • The rule follows the WCAG-ACT-RULES-CG rule template, especially in relation to headings, styling, test case descriptions, etc.
  • The rule is using WCAG-ACT-RULES-CG Glossary terms whenever possible. Be particularly aware of the following much-used algorithms:

    • For the Applicability, consider if the definitions included in the accessibility tree and visible on the page should be used to narrow down the scope of the rule.
    • For the Applicability and Expectations, consider if the definition for semantic role (including specifics of explicit and implicit semantic role) could be used to describe the targets of the rule.
  • The rule links to any relevant documentation, e.g. Understanding WCAG 2.1 and Techniques for WCAG 2.1, specifications used, etc.
  • The name of the rule is written in plain language, with capitalized initial letter
  • The file name of the rule follows the WCAG-ACT-RULES-CG naming convention
  • The rule has been spellchecked
  • All links are working, or the linked files are included in the same pull request