Submit an Implementation

Submit an Implementation Report

To submit an implementation report, you must run your test tool or test methodology against the test cases and produce a report. To have your implementation of ACT-R rules added to the ACT-R community website, you will need to provide a report using EARL in JSON-LD.

  1. Join the ACT-R Community group. This ensures the community license agreement is signed.
  2. Open an issue, proposing the new implementation. Please include the name of the implementation, and a URL to the EARL report.

Note: Refer to the available tools section, to see if any of them can be used to generate the report in the EARL format.

Third Party Submissions

Submitting an implementation requires permission from the owner of the test tool / methodology that is proposed. If you wish to submit an implementation on behalf of an implementer, we will require written permission from the owner of the implementation sent to the ACT-R public mailing list.