Changelog for Rule: `audio` or `video` avoids automatically playing audio

DateDescriptionSee Changes
Sep 16, 2021Add "funding" to acknowledgments (#1694)
Jun 25, 2021Instrument accessibility note (#1632) * Add note about instruments needing to be accessible Co-authored-by: Carlos Duarte <> Co-authored-by: Wilco Fiers <>
May 10, 2021audio-avoid-autoplay: editorial tweaks (#1571)
Oct 01, 2020"audio or video avoids automatically playing audio" (80f0bf / aaa1bf / 4c31df): Feedback from TF. (#1447) * Add case for IDL attributes * Use attribute value for the IDL attribute * Use semi-colon in lists * Link to def of media resource * Add link to outcome * Replace mechanism by instrument * Add assumption on pauses in sound * Require instrument on the same page * Add assumption on location of mechanism
Sep 07, 2020fix inconsistent name in avoid-autoplay rule. (#1430) Closes #1427
Aug 03, 2020Add WCAG non-interference as requirement to rules that need it (#1395) * Add WCAG non-interference as requirement * Fix indentation level Co-authored-by: Wilco Fiers <> Co-authored-by: Jey <> Co-authored-by: Wilco Fiers <>
Jul 07, 2020Use technically correct language for attribute values (#1352) * Create definition of attribute value * Use new def in rules
May 13, 2020Changing titles for auto-playing audio rules -- fixes #1258 (#1278) * Changing titles for auto-playing audio rules -- fixes #1258 * Addressing @adilsofficial's comment

See Rule: `audio` or `video` avoids automatically playing audio