Changelog for Rule: ARIA required owned elements

DateDescriptionSee Changes
Sep 16, 2021Add "funding" to acknowledgments (#1694)
Jul 08, 2021Clarify 'one of the following' phrases (#1659)
Jul 08, 2021define namespaced elements (#1636) * define namespaced elements * Update * Update pages/glossary/ * Update pages/glossary/ Co-authored-by: Carlos Duarte <> * Update Co-authored-by: Carlos Duarte <>
May 08, 2021Update (#1568)
Dec 03, 2020This rule applies to... (#1506)
Nov 05, 2020"ARIA required context role" and "ARIA required owned elements" (ff89c9 / bc4a75): Update note on DPUB due to upcoming changes in 1.1 (#1473) * Make inapplicable example not fail the requirement * Update explanation on ignoring DPUB ARIA
Sep 21, 2020moving note 1 and 3 to backbround and changing the list example as per aria 1.2 (#1448)
Aug 24, 2020Added required aria-checked attribute for menuitemradio and menuitemcheckbox (#1414) Co-authored-by: Wilco Fiers <>
Aug 19, 2020fix issues with previous_author field (#1418)
Jul 17, 2020Update before publishing (#1365) * Update Three notes from the Applicability section added to the background section. The first note with the `tablist` element removed. * correcting the typo * Editorial changes to the section describing how DPUB handles role inheritance.
Jul 07, 2020Use technically correct language for attribute values (#1352) * Create definition of attribute value * Use new def in rules
Apr 28, 2020Handling Presentational role conflict resolution (#1189) * Add conflict resolution in definition * Add examples of presentational conflict resolution
Mar 11, 2020fix: spelling of `acknowledgment` in rules frontmatter & update… (#1223)
Feb 05, 2020Consider tabindex in iframe has acc name (#1102) * consider tabindex in iframe has acc name * Apply suggestions from code review Co-Authored-By: Jean-Yves Moyen <> Co-authored-by: Jean-Yves Moyen <> Co-authored-by: Jey Nandakumar <>

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