Changelog for Rule: ARIA required context role

DateDescriptionSee Changes
Sep 16, 2021Add "funding" to acknowledgments (#1694)
Jul 08, 2021define namespaced elements (#1636) * define namespaced elements * Update * Update pages/glossary/ * Update pages/glossary/ Co-authored-by: Carlos Duarte <> * Update Co-authored-by: Carlos Duarte <>
Jul 06, 2021aria-required-context: Replace the assumption (#1569) * aria-required-context: Replace the assumption As far as I can figure, there is no way to override an explicit role. I don't think this assumption is right. On the other hand, we are making a bit of an assumption in saying that if something has the role of `cell`, * Update
Jun 17, 2021"ARIA required context role" (ff89c9): resolve TF feedback (#1554) * Inline def of owned elements Co-authored-by: Aron Janecki <> Co-authored-by: Carlos Duarte <>
Jan 22, 2021Update background in aria-required-context (#1529) * Update background in aria-required-context This PR explains what the difference is between the "owned by" and "owned element" definitions. This was requested by the ACT Task Force. * Apply suggestions from code review Co-authored-by: Carlos Duarte <> Co-authored-by: Carlos Duarte <>
Dec 03, 2020This rule applies to... (#1506)
Nov 05, 2020"ARIA required context role" and "ARIA required owned elements" (ff89c9 / bc4a75): Update note on DPUB due to upcoming changes in 1.1 (#1473) * Make inapplicable example not fail the requirement * Update explanation on ignoring DPUB ARIA
Sep 10, 2020"ARIA required context role" (ff89c9): Prepare for TF review (#1423) * Use references list * Move notes to Background * Rehprase Assumption * Update example descriptions * Reorder inapplicable examples to match Applicability order Co-authored-by: EmmaJP <>
Aug 24, 2020Order authors alphabetically (#1424) * Order authors alphabetically * Add note in design document
Apr 28, 2020Handling Presentational role conflict resolution (#1189) * Add conflict resolution in definition * Add examples of presentational conflict resolution
Mar 11, 2020fix: spelling of `acknowledgment` in rules frontmatter & update… (#1223)
Jan 21, 2020fix: typo in previous authors frontmatter title (#1109)

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